Agreement of

Rules and Terms

  1. There will be no refund if a room is cancelled less than 2 weeks from arrival date. We will make every effort to rebook that room, but if unable to do so, you will be responsible for the entire fee.
  2. There will be a $25.00 cancellation fee if cancelled prior to the 2 week period before arrival.
  3. There will be no cancellation of holiday bookings without having to pay the entire fee.Please be sure you want to be here, and have made plenty of time for travel before booking.
  4. The first rate listed on the website will be a midweek stay, and the second rate will be the weekend/holiday rate and may change depending on the number of beds and guests per room.
  5. Guest agrees to be considerate of other guests, and hold noise to a minimum when coming or going, and while in public areas adjacent to the house. Most of the rooms open off a central hallway, so noise will carry, and the front porch has windows into several of the rooms. The back pergola area is delightful for groups sitting around the dining tables, but unless you are booked into the room off this pergola, please be respectful of that guest. At least invite them to join you, should they and you be up late. If they will not be, please reduce your noise or move elsewhere.
  6. Guest agrees to be considerate of other guests when parking and to park within the lines of the parking area, and not block other’s access to their vehicles. Guests arriving in multiple vehicles agree that there is one parking space per room and will park on other areas or behind the person they share the room with if there is space available. There is only one parking area per room that can be guaranteed, and may or may not be adjacent to the building. Visiting friends of the guest will have to park off site.
  7. Dogs are welcome if they have their shots, are bathed recently, and are well behaved. They must not bark on hearing noises, whine or cry when left alone, and are expected to be in kennels except in the presence of their owners.  They are not allowed on beds or on furniture, unless special arrangements have been made to drape the furniture they will be on. They are not allowed on beds at any time. While we know dogs are believed to be special and well behaved, travel is stressful for many dogs, and they may find it difficult to keep to a regular elimination schedule. It is up to the owners to make sure their dog has plenty of exercise and is housebroken.  Accidents will result in additional charges up to the amount of replacement of the items damaged. Owner assumes full responsibility for their pet at all times, especially when around other guests’. There is a separate dog run on the side of the house that is well shaded and has sunny spaces. The owner of Antoinette’s Cottage is not responsible in any way for the dog or it’s behavior either on or off the property. It will be up to the pet owner to make sure it is secure and under control. There is a separate charge per dog of $25.00/per night. Proof of rabies shots will be required. And sorry, but absolutely no puppies less than one year old.


Booking your room indicates that Guest agrees to all terms of this agreement. All parties staying at Antoinette’s Cottage will agree to abide by all terms and the booking guest will be responsible for all guests in his/her party.